TINT: Self-appointed fun police

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Things I Noticed Today:

  1. Scientists at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, SD are all set to switch on the LUX dark matter detector.  Remember, kids: it’s called dark matter because it doesn’t interact with normal matter, and not because it’s actually a dark color.  Also, if it exists, millions of particles of it are streaming through your body every second.  As your body is mostly empty space, you don’t notice.
  2. In news which will surprise almost no one, a study of twins has been published which shows that smoking causes the visible signs of aging to appear at a younger age, and to increase at a faster rate than for non-smokers.  There was some good news, though.  In twins where one stopped smoking and the other continued, the aging process slowed to normal for the non-smoker.  The side-by-side images are proof enough.
  3. If you’ve ever wondered how a tick attaches itself to its host (and really, who hasn’t?), a new video is going viral which shows the mechanism by which ticks burrow into the skin.  It’s horrifying.  You should go watch it.  Please note: the video is going viral, but just watching it will not give you Lyme disease.
  4. And, finally, a woman in West Fargo, ND has announced that she’ll be providing free health screenings for her visitors on Halloween.  If a visual inspection reveals that your child is “moderately obese,” instead of candy or other sweet treats, she’ll be handing out unsolicited medical and child-rearing advice.  In a radio interview, she was identified only as “Cheryl.”  If your name is Cheryl, and you live in West Fargo, I feel bad for you.  Unless you’re the Cheryl who is handing out health critiques.  I don’t feel bad for you at all.  You made two mistakes.  1) You decided to arrogantly interfere with a yearly tradition which dates back hundreds of years, and 2) you stupidly told people beforehand what your plan was.  Once you’re identified, just remember the Toyota principle: you asked for it; you got it.